notJack Writers’ Prize

As a nation we are defined by country, landscape and place. How fitting then that a new writing prize should be established to “support and protect iconic Australian literary¬† landscapes”.

The notJack Writers’ Prize celebrates creative engagement with place and the promotion of “the significance of place for Australian writers, their work and readership.” Welcoming submissions from all genres the prize was established to support the protection of the Moolort Plains, where Raimond Gaita’s award winning Romulus, My Father was both written and set. The film of the same name was shot on site.

It has been my great honour to be part of the judging panel this year, a process which has been both enjoyable and rewarding. Testament to the quality of the writing submitted is the divergent results from judges and it was no easy task making my final decision.

Finalists are listed on the website. Winner to be announced soon!

Information on the Moolort Plains, its significance, and the threat posed to it, may be accessed here and here.

To donate or contribute to the Moorlort Plains campaign, please email the prize at: [email protected]